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All our Foodservice Line in Biodegradable and Compostable

For General Questions Please email us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1. Isn’t using CORN for disposable products wasting a valuable food source?

  • No, because it is made from No. 2 yellow dent field corn, the most abundant and cheapest   source of fermentable sugar.

2. Isn’t using SUGARCANE FIBER for disposable products wasting a valuable food source?

  • Sugarcane and wheat straw are annually renewable resources. Only the byproducts of these are used Bagasse is the sugarcane fiber remaining after extraction of juice from sugarcane and the wheat straw   is the remaining plant material after the wheat grain and chaff have been extracted.   These fibers were previously burned.

3. UTENSILS T-PLA  What are Compostable Utensils?

  • They are an excellent alternative to plastic. Made from renewable resources, not from Petroleum. The main ingredient in these utensils is corn starch and PLA, Talc.

4. Can they be used for hot soups and food?

  • Absolutely. They have a temp range of up to 93 degrees Celsius or 200 degrees Fahrenheit.How durable are our Utensils? They are of premium quality and very durable.

5. What is the shelf life of our Utensils?

  • Have an estimated shelf life of two years. Products should be stored in a cool dry area for maximum life expectancy.

6. Can our Utensils be reused?

  • Yes. As long as it is washed and left to dry then it can be used again and again.

7. Can I throw these Utensils away with my household waste?

  • The PLA utensils take longer to biodegrade and are best composted in a commercial facility.  However, they can be composted at home and may take 180 days or more to biodegrade.

8. COLD CUPS and LIDS What are they made From?

  • From Poly Lactic Acid (PLA).  It is a resin derived from corn. It looks and feels like plastic but is 100% compostable/ biodegradable and made from renewable resources.

9. Can I print on these PLA cups?

  • Yes, custom printing is fine.

10. What is the shelf life of your PLA cups?

  • Shelf life is about 2 years. Avoid direct sunlight or very humid conditions. PLA cups are not microwavable, but freezer safe.  PLA products are especially great for cold products.

11. COATED HOT CUPS and LIDS , STRAWSWhat are the cups made from?

  • Our compostable hot cups are made from paper that has been recycled. Post-consumer waste (PCW). The bio-lining coating inside the cup is used to stop the liquid from absorbing into the paper cup.This lining is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable derived from annually renewable corn.It environmentally outperforms every major petroleum based plastic.  Manufacturing of this bio-plastic emits over 70 percent less CO2 and consumes over 50 percent less energy than the equivalent weight of PET.

12. What are the lids made from?

  • Our biodegradable lids are made from a PLA resin which has been modified with talcum powder to give it a higher temperature resistance.

13. Can you print on the cups and lids?

  • Our cups can be printed on and many clients have their own custom prints. We have a minimum order quantity for custom printing cups, but may consider lower quantities in some cases. The lids are generic and cannot be printed on.

14. What are your straws made of?

  • PLA straws for our PLA cold cups. Like the cups, these straws can with stand temperatures of up to 110 degrees F, and are best for cold drinks.

15. PLA SOUFFLE CUPS & LIDS What are your Souffle cups made of?

  • These polylactic acid (PLA),  souffle cups are made from corn. Made for foods below 110 degrees F.Needs to be stored away from heat, hot surfaces and direct sunlight. Bagasse/Wheat straw Souffle Cups and Lids

16. What are your Bagasse/Wheat straw Souffle cups made of?

  • Leftover sugarcane fiber and wheat straw, obtained after juice and grain extraction.

17. Can they be used for hot soups and food?

  • Absolutely. They have a temp range of up to 93 degrees Celsius or 200 degrees Fahrenheit.Rectangular  PLA Deli Containers

18. What are your Deli Containers made of?

  • These are made from poly lactic acid (PLA) derived from corn.

19. Can they be used for hot soups and food?

  • No they cannot. They are best used for salads and fruits. Take Out Clamshells, Plates , Trays, Bowls

20. What are they made of?

  • These are a selection of 100% biodegradable plates, bowls and clamshells made from bagasse which comes from sugar cane. Instead of throwing away or burning used sugarcane fiber, the pulp is made into a paper-likesubstance called bagasse. This is molded into different shapes and products that are very strongand perfect for the food service industry.

21. Can they be used for hot foods?

  • Yes. Can with stand temperatures over 105 degrees Celsius or 220 degrees Fahrenheit.Has no plastic or wax lining.It is microwaveable and freezer safe. Strong and sturdy.
  • If in contact with hot foods for extended periods it will become a little soft but will still retain itsshape and strength. Bagasse is one of the only biodegradable food service products in the worldthat can handle hot temperatures.

22. Will they absorb grease or liquids?

  • No. They are grease and oil proof.

23. Can they be reused?

  • No. They are for one time use only.How long does it take to fully biodegrade?Will biodegrade 100% in approximately 45 days in a commercial composting facility.Home composting may take a little longer (may be over 90 days.)

24. Biodegradable Bags, What are the quality of these bags and what are they made of?

  • Excellent. Our bags meet the strictest Standards for compostable plastics.
  • They are comparable to Bio-Bags.